Medici LT was founded in 2020 as a response to the emerging need to speed up the process of bringing new medical solutions and technologies into life in the context of Worldwide pandemic and uncertainty. Flexibility and deep understanding of the subject resulted in a track record of multiple successful collaborations with EU and US based companies, health policy makers in the field of life sciences and healthcare system management.

The areas of our expertise:

R&D in biomedical field – planning and coordination of research and development activities, Health technology assessment, scientific and commercial researches, trials and tests for various medical applications and products for the purpose of validation and certification

Healthcare technologies and solutions – building business models, design and implementation of POC, full assistance in bringing innovative technologies to actual deployment in medical practice

Digitalization – consultations and customization of digital health solutions

Healthcare system management – expert consultations and analysis in healthcare reforms and management for public and private sector

Justina Januševičienė – the founder of Medici LT has a demonstrated experience of over 15 years in healthcare industry and life sciences. As the Head of Health Care Innovations Development Center at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences she was facilitating the dynamic interaction with the largest medical academic team of scientists and researchers in the Baltics, resulting in development of new products, start-ups, spin-offs with high commercial potential. Before that she was holding important positions at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania and oversaw successful development and full deployment of national e-health system in Lithuania – connecting over 40 complex national information systems and registries. She was also driving the introduction and deployment of HTA model in public and personal health, management the supply and demand of health care professionals through regulatory environment and economic models, supervision of quality and safety of healthcare services at national level, cross border healthcare EU policy analysis and implementation. As a representative of MoH at EU Taskforces, working groups and boards (European Reference Networks for Rare Diseases, Healthcare workforce, Quality and Safety working group, E-health) she was very much involved in EU legislation, policy dialogues and expert networking. 

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